Why Use a Paint Sprayer

Painting large areas can be fast, simple and easy if you would pick the right tool and use it the proper way. For large-scale painting jobs that involve surfaces with cracks, bumps, gaps and other imperfections, a paint sprayer may be a wise and practical choice. Paint sprayers also allow one to efficiently and flawlessly tackle and cover surfaces with complex or intricate designs.

Paint sprayers come in different sizes, models, and power ranges. Identifying which type of paint sprayer would be most appropriate for your paint job requirement would depend on the size, material, and complexity of your surface. The suitability of the type of paint sprayer that you would be using for your paint job is very vital to achieving or realizing your desired result or output.

Below are a couple of reasons why best paint sprayers have gained popularity among professional painters and many homeowners.

  1. It’s fast and reliable

Compared to using a paint brush or a roller, which usually take not just a lot of time but also a great deal of effort to cover an entire surface, using a paint sprayer offers not just efficiency but also reliability.


Paint rollers, because of their size and shape, are not ideal for painting small and hard-to-reach spaces such as nooks and corners of a wall, sides between the narrow gaps of a wooden chair, or a piece of furniture with intricate details.  On the other hand, it is quite difficult to make coatings with uniform thickness when using a paint brush.

Moreover, paint rollers can leave scratches if you would force to squeeze it into hard-to-reach spots. Conversely, paint brushes can create unsightly bumps and uneven coatings on your surface since paint may not evenly stick onto the paint brush.

Fortunately, we are not left without a better option or alternative. There are several types of paint sprayers that you may choose from so you can be sure to find one that was made for your paint job requirement.

2Surfaces, which are impossible to be perfectly and flawlessly covered using a paint brush or a roller, can be easily done by properly using the appropriate type of paint sprayer. This is because paint sprayers emit paint in the form of mists or tiny particles, which are able to reach nooks and corners without leaving scratches and paint bumps on your surface.

However, you should also consider if the size or scale of surface you would be working on would be worth the time you would spend for doing prep works and for cleaning the sprayer.

If your budget would allow and you think you would be doing a lot of small paint jobs in the future, then you may consider investing in an HVLP [High Volume Low Pressure] sprayer, which is good for small-scale paint jobs. There are also HVLP sprayers, which may be used with lacquer, varnish or sanding sealers but these types are usually sold at a high price.

  1. There’s a wide range of choices

As mentioned earlier, paint sprayers come in different types, sizes, as well as power-ranges designed and made available for household or professional use. Two of the most common types are the air paint sprayers, which use compression to pump paint out, and the airless paint sprayers, which use pressure to eject the paint.

Air paint sprayers are able to produce more uniform and even coatings than their airless counterparts but are also generally more expensive. When buying a paint sprayer, pick the most appropriate type that fits your budget.


Note also that there are paint sprayer models that are able to handle only one type of paint, and there are some advanced models that can be used with more than one type of paint. There are also models that may be adjusted according to the thickness of the paint that will be used at a certain time.

For small-scale paint jobs, you may opt to use a portable type of paint sprayer. Painting large structures, on the other hand, would normally require using bigger types or models of paint sprayers.

Paint sprayers can range from a hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the type and model. They can be cordless, electricity-powered, or gas-powered. Some models also come with carts or portable wheels.

Whichever model you choose to use, make sure you that you put on the proper gears such as goggles, gloves and a respirator to keep you safe and protected while painting.

Selection of a best sewing machine for Beginners

Another thing which may come in your mind is that which type of sewing machine is the best sewing machine for beginners, whether it will be a traditional sewing machine or a computerized sewing machine. Best sewing machine for beginners can be computerized or manual depending upon your requirement in future.
sewing machine

Computerized or Modern Sewing Machine:

This type of sewing machine having many options and features which may make your work easier to be done. Like such type of sewing machines having auto mode to thread a needle, a push button to turn on/off the working of machine, can create a button and we can select different stitching patterns by using auto switch buttons.
Actually there are two main parts for the automation of the sewing machine one is the Driving motor and other one is the control mechanism.
Driving motor is basically the source from which we transfer energy to sewing machine to operate automatically without human effort and the control mechanism helps us to select different operating modes according to our need and desire. These computerized or automated sewing machines are also known as the time saving sewing machines.

Manual/Mechanical sewing machines:

These types of sewing machines don’t have so many options as compare to modern computerized sewing machine, but can fulfill the requirement of the beginners. Beginners can learn a lot and practice different easy exercises to enhance the confidence of sewing.

A good quality manual mechanical sewing machine is usually a good option for beginners to start, specifically for the new generation youngsters. Fewer sewing options and simple operating modes also mean that you will have fewer chances to go wrong in the beginning.
So in my view a sewing machine having less automated operating modes is the best sewing machine for the beginners.

There are many some factors which should be count when to select a best sewing machine for beginners. Those factors are as follows
Easy to use:

As we know that the process of learning is may be some times boring or irksome. So in order to make your learning process interesting and friendly, your sewing machine operating modes should be simple so that you can make your learning process quicker and easier comparatively.


The cost factor is very important factors for beginners to buy a entry level sewing machine. As you are going to learn slowly and don’t want to spend a lot initially to understand the abc of sewing. So it means that you need to buy a sewing machine having optimum functions at some reasonable cost and it will also not be an economic burden on yourself.

Weight and Size:

In the beginning of learning sometimes you have to carry your machine to classes and somewhere else like to your friends’ home to learn, so on that times the size and the weight of your sewing machine really having a great importance towards its portability. If your sewing machine is heavier or greater in size so it will be a great problem for you to move your sewing machine from one place to other and it may become an obstacle in your learning process. Whereas if your sewing machine is lighter in weight and smaller in size you can easily move with it any time anywhere and your learning process will become a little bit easier for you.
There are some models of best Manual and computerized sewing machines for beginners

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine & Janome Magnolia 7318

Janome is one of the leading sewing machines manufacturing company and very famous because of its quality and reasonable prices in sewing machines. Janome mechanical sewing machine is the best for beginners to learn basic and modern techniques of sewing to meet the domestic as well as the commercial needs. Some key features of Janome mechanical sewing machines are following
• Light weight
• Easy to move anywhere
• Sewing width is adjustable
• 25 years warranty
Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine & Singer 7258 Sewing Machine

These computerizes sewing machines are number one in rank and the best sewing machines for beginners because of having versatility in sewing and portability. Some well known key features of these machines are following
• Light weight
• Time saving
• Computerizes operating modes with many stitch patterns
• Adjustable sewing speed
• Automatic threading
• High quality of sewing
Overall I would recommend it to anyone that is a starter or intermediate sewer.