Some Popular Sports Motorcycle Models from Suzuki

Japan is without a doubt one of the leading countries in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. Many famous motorcycle brands come from this Asian country such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. Every year, all of these brands produce numerous models of motorcycle and related items, especially motorcycle helmet (check out motorcycle helmet reviews here). Each brand has their own famous products. Suzuki is proud of their sport motorcycle models with numerous options of prices and speed. In  this article, we will feature some of their famous models of sport motorcycle, including the great Suzuki Hayabusa which is one of the biggest hits in motorcycle industry.

1. The Suzuki SV650 (S)

The Suzuki SV650 and its variants are sport motorcycle models produced since the year 1999 till present by Suzuki Motor Corporation for oversea market. From 2009 to 2015, Suzuki Motor Corporation replaced it with SFV650 Gladius. However, the Gladius was abandoned in 2016 and the model is once again named SV650.
This motorcycle model provides users with a sporty ride. Normally, sporty ride comes with some difficulties. Yet that is not the case with SV650. With an SV650, a rider can enjoy a both sporty and easy ride. It was also quite affordable. Therefore, since it was released, the Suzuki SV650 has been very popular. Until now, it is still widely appreciated by bike lovers around the world. It dominates the low-price segment of the motorcycle market.

Even though later on, Suzuki Motor Corporation develops similar models to the Suzuki SV650, none of them can have good sales as this model. Until present, the Suzuki SV650 remains as one of the most commercially successful bikes from Suzuki.

The Suzuki SV650

2. The Suzuki TL1000 S

The Suzuki TL1000 S was produced from 1997 to 2001.  It was famous for its V-twin engine, which is still used in modern models of Suzuki. This model was widely loved during its time.

3. The Suzuki SV1000 (S)

The Suzuki SV1000 (S) was developed in 2003 to compete with the Super Hawk model of Honda. It is considered the “big brother” of the SV650. It has many parts in common with the SV650; however some parts like the main frame or the forks are different.

4. The Suzuki TL1000 R

The Suzuki TL100 R is considered as a sibling of the popular model TL1000 S. It is a full fairing motorcycle model which is designed to be racing oriented, especially in American races and World Championships. The model was produced from 1998 to 2003.

5. The Suzuki GSX600 F Katana

The Suzuki GSX600 F Katana is a classic sport bike developed during 1979 – 1980 by Suzuki. It is the first model with the name “Katana”. This name was later on used for many other sport bike of Suzuki. The Suzuki GSX600 F Katana was born as an ambition of Suzuki. They wanted to update the brand’s image and hired a styling ex-chief from BMW, Hans Muth, to design a new bike. Later on, a team named “Target Design” team was formed with three members: Hans Muth, Hans-Goerg Kasten and Jan Fellstrom. This team was in charge of designing this model. They had worked through several variations before the final design was released. When the Katana was introduced, Suzuki claimed that it was the fastest bike in the world and strongly promoted its look as well as its performance.

The model was indeed very commercially successful. It also had strong and long-lasting impact on bike design. Many modern motorcycle models have similar features to this Katana model.

Suzuki GSX600 F Katana

6. The Suzuki GSX1300 R Hayabusa

The Suzuki GSX1300 R Hayabusa (shortly Suzuki Hayabusa or GSX1300 R) is perhaps one of the most famous Suzuki bikes ever produced. It was made by Suzuki Motor Corporation since the year 1999. Right after its release, the Suzuki Hayabusa was claimed as the fastest production motorcycle model in the world. Its top speed is from 303 to 312 km per hour. It was later even claimed as the fastest production motorcycle of the century. However, the speed is not all that the Suzuki Hayabusa has. It is also famous for an all-round performance. Almost every quality that people can require from a bike is included in this model. That is why the Suzuki Hayabusa is always highly appreciated by reviewers.

The first generation of this bike was shown in 1999 to the press. It immediately created a deep impression for breaking all the previous top speed records.

The Suzuki Hayabusa is abundant when it comes to engine power. At no matter which speed, the abundance is still there. As a result, riders can easily ride the bike. The rider’s choice for gear selection is wider than ever.

In 2008, Suzuki Motor Corporation released the second generation of the Suzuki Hayabusa. The bodywork was restyled a little. The engine was also changed and the new engine brought about a large increase in horsepower.

The Suzuki Hayabusa, whether in its first or second generation, attracts many buyers and is one of the greatest successes of the Suzuki Motor Corporation. What surprises market researchers is that year by year, the sales increases and increases; which is a totally reversed pattern for motorcycle sales (normally, the sales is good in the first year and gradually decreases in following years). Until today, many market researches have been conducted in order to discover the reason behind the Suzuki Hayabusa’s enormous success.

The Suzuki Hayabusa

7. The Suzuki GSX-R750

Suzuki GSX-R750 is a range of sports motorcycles of 750 cc from Suzuki Motor Corporation. It is consider as a racer-replica which can be put in road use. The Suzuki GSX-R750 is quite affordable compared to other racer-replica models. It was first introduced in 1984 at the Motorcycle Show in Cologne that year.

8. The Suzuki GSX-R1000

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 was released in 2001 as a sport bike in the GSX-R series of Suzuki Motor Corporation. Its engine is a liquid-cooled 999 cc four-stroke one with four cylinders.

Tips For Choosing The Right Motorcycle Helmet

When you own a motorcycle, it’s great to driving ceaselessly and immerge in the world of speed, seeing things fleeting by, especially for motorcycle lovers, the feeling is just like on the cloud nine. However, this elevating moment is full of implicit threads: unpredictable traffic accidents, collisions and the unfortunate moment of carelessness. At this point, every motorcyclists from daily divers to world competitors should have a helmet specifically tailored for motorcycle drivers. But the problem is how to choose the best motorcycle helmet that satisfies the safety standard and brings about comfort for the wearer for there are so many helmets out there on the market. Don’t worry because you are about to discover tips on how to get the best motorcycle. There are things that you should take into thorough consideration when purchasing a helmet.

  • Quality

Helmets come in different brands, sizes, designs and quality is no exception. Just like other products, it is highly recommended that you should go for certified and tested products that satisfy safety standards by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or the Snell Memorial Foundation (SNELL). These two organizations’ job is to make sure a helmet manufactured by a company has consistence, durable ability to guard against strong collisions. Apparently, safety is the first priority to look for when buying a helmet since its purpose and usage is protecting the users.

  • Comfort

Following the quality, comfort is the second factor toconsider. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable like something alien is hanging on your head, then you shouldn’t buy that product. Obviously, the discomfort caused by the helmet is a likely distractor that may lead to inconsistent concentration of the driver and accidents come as a consequence. Before buying a helmet, make sure to try it on and see whether it makes you comfortable or not. The movement of neck is usually interrupted and if possible, try to adjust the helmet position.

  • Fit

One important thing is size. Unquestionably, size determines whether the helmet fits you perfectly. Sadly, helmets come in few sizes and to some extent, they can’t perfectly fit your head. If that was the case, then you should cover some soft materials like patches inside the helmet. Above all, make sure it’s easy to lock and unlock the helmet, and it won’t fall ofor being diverted when you move your head.

  • Design
Design definitely matters. A well-designed helmet makes the driver more confident. Design also varies in styles, fashion, weight and especially types. There are 6 main types of helmet; each serves different purposes and suits different tastes.



  1. Full Face
  • Entirely covering head and face
  • Best protection
  • Features: ace shield, smooth airflow
  • Affecting the ability to hear
  1. Off-road / Motocross
  • Features: elongated chin, partially open-face and chin bar
  • Visor portions: reducing the effect of sunlight to the eyes
  • Popular with off-road motorcyclists
  1. Modular or “flip-up” or “convertible”
  • Providing safest solution
  • Design: complementation and combination between full face helmet and open space helmet
  1. Open face or 3/4 helmet
  • 75% head covering
  • Same rear protection as a full face helmet
  • Most common type in ordinary use.
  1. Half helmet
  • Common among rockers and racers.
  • Under standard protection
  • Not recommended
  1. Headwear or “novelty helmets”
  • Uncertified safety
  • Not recommended
  • Brand

when it comes to brands, there are literally hundreds of choices. It’s confusing what brands you should opt for and whether their products meet the promise they make about them. Here are some world-famous and prestigious brands that you should look for whenever you go to a store:



  • Arai
  • SNELL safety standards
  • 90 years of making helmets
  • Excellent consistency and legacy
  • AGV
  • World-famous name
  • Based in Italy
  • Well-designed products
  • Nearly 70-year experience in motorcycle helmets
  • Nolan
  • Accounting for 50% of the European market share
  • Over-standard quality and functionality
  • Shark
  • Based in France
  • 20 years of manufacturing motorcycle helmets.
  • Innovative design and guaranteed quality
  • Popular with world competitors.
  • Bell
  • Good products
  • Also used by many world champion competitors.
  • HJC
  • Unbeatable price
  • Good functionality
  • Large market shares
  • Cost

After all, price is also another thing to help final your choice. Usually, a helmet starts at $40 to $1,000 or more. It isn’t always true that high cost guarantees better quality, but if you want the best one, why not pay a little more money to get a famous and popular product.

There you are: things you should pay attention to when looking for a best motorcycle helmet. But things get dirty and malfunctioned all the time. In that respect, we should make sure that our helmets are still in good and certified condition. Here are bonus tips to help you with helmet maintenance:

  • Never hang your helmet on the mirror of your motorcycle since this may damage the lining. Make sure you put it on something that has level surface like table, floor, cupboard, etc.
  • Cleaning your helmet at least once per year. The lining can be removable so remember to move it and clean thoroughly all parts. A helmet in good condition not only makes your driving safer but also preventing head health risks.
  • Dry your helmet carefully and thoroughly after cleaning it or when it gets wet or else you may risk having dandruff and dirty hair all the time.
  • If the helmet gets loose and doesn’t fit you tightly any more, put some soft materials such as cloth, patch inside the helmet. If possible, go to the store to have it fixed.


To sum up, a good helmet is definitely one of indispensable gears that all motorcycle drivers should have. It protects the wearer from being injured by head collisions, and brings about the sense of being safe and confident. A study has shown that wearing a helmet when driving can reduce up to 69% the risk of head injuries and nearly 30% of fatal injuries. There is actually scientific proof of benefits of wearing a helmet so why not go to the store and buy yourself the best helmet!

Some Suggestions To Choose Your Best Car Ever

Each person will pursuit different perspectives of the most important feature in choosing a car. Before making the final decision, you should consider what your favorite car design is. Flashy? Dream machine? Or complete? Let’s take a look at the six new unique cars below to figure out by yourself.

1. Lexus IS 300 – A flashy version for young professionals

Lexus IS 300 is in the range of luxury cars with the price range from $30,995. With the curved design, you may find the common outlook characteristics between Lexus IS300 and BMW 3 series. Besides, the flashy chrome tires along with 17-inch rims bring a dynamic and exotic impression to the car.

One of the important features distinguished Lexus IS 300 with other two remaining cars is a quite engine while operating. The car owns a superior braking and handling system. Its interior design is assessed as efficient and ingenious.

However, it needs 7.6 seconds to accelerate speed from zero to 60mph, longer than Ferrari 360 Spider and Panoz Esperante. Its horsepower is also the lowest of all, at 215hp@ 5800 rpm. Only one option of the automatic transmission is one more disadvantage of Lexus IS300, which definitely limits its target customers.

2. Ferrari 360 rider – A dream machine for speed lovers

Launched by one of the world top brands, Ferrari proves its super high-class-range with the price of $171,000, five times higher than Lexus IS 300. But such price somehow represents its value well. The car can increase speed from zero to 60mph in only 4.6 seconds and reach 186 plus miles per hour. This is the reason why many speed lovers have dreams of it.

With the improved yielding, a stiffer shaft, and the crispy handling combined with heavy tubing Ferrari 360 rider has the ability to resist and reduce damage to the lowest level in crash situations. In addition, it is equipped with the superior quality brake and horsepower of 395hp@ 8500 rpm.

Its price clearly becomes the obstacle which made this car not be an option for everybody.

3. Panoz Esperance – A complete racecar

As 100% custom exclusive car manufacture, Panoz Development designed Esperance like a real racecar with a very low driving position. The muscle and unique appearance are harmonious with the powerful machine. The car needs 5.1 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60mph and its horsepower reaches 320hp@ 6000 rpm.

Its sleek interior is made of finest materials. With durable carbon fiber steering wheel, its interior is compact and lacks ergonomic sense. The aerodynamic design allows you to experience the thrill of the road with the convertible top down. The car is offered a price of $81,961 as being in the middle of two other cars.

However, the special driving position also brings difficulties for drivers when driving in a long time. For this reason, Panoz Esperance should not be chosen as a regular means of transportation.

4. Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Spyder

According to the traditional way of naming for Lamborgini products, Huracan is named after the bull participated in the battles in 1879. The percentage of weight distribution is 42/58 front and after. The engine is manufactured at the Audi plant in Gyor, Hungary, where the advent of the motor for the Audi R8 car. The seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission is also used for R8 but has been customized according to the specifications of the Lamborghini.

With broken veins array on the bonnet, the car looks sportier with the clawed back headlights, and pentagon air inlets similar to Aventador. It uses the horizontal type doors as normal cars, rather than a scissor type. In the narrow rear tail lights, four exhaust pipes are evenly distributed.

Compared to its coupe equivalent, Hurance Spyder is frankly more gorgeous. The remarkable visual characteristics are not only focused on its exterior design but also the interior. The infinite headroom will help you to avoid direct sunlight.

Huracan LP610-4 Spyder is equipped 5.2-liter V10 engine with direct injection technology IDS combined capacity of 602 horsepower at 8,250 rpm rev/min and torque of 413Nm at 6,500 maximum rpm/minute. The car owns the seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. It is able to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 201 mph.

5. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Coupe

ZL1 Chevrolet has officially launched a new version of Camaro in coupe type at the New York Motor Show this year.
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2017 possesses powerful exterior design. With LT4 block 6.2-liter V8 engine, supercharger, this car is able to increase its power up to 640 hp and torque of 868 Nm maximum. Full power from the engine 8-cylinder is transmitted to the rear axle via a standard 6-speed manual transmission or the new optional 10-speed automatic transmission. This American sport car is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in about 4 seconds with manual transmission and 3.9 seconds with automatic transmission. Maximum speed of the vehicle is at 296 km/h.
ZL1 Camaro interior has not changed much from its previous generation with standard Recaro seats, sporty 3-spoke steering wheel in black leather combined with red decorative lines. Its memory function of Performance Data Recorder which is only available on high-performance cars of Chevrolet and Cadillac can now be fitted with an extra charge. It is expected that Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2017 will be on sale later this year but its price has not yet been announced.

6. Mercedes GLC Coupe

2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe will become a formidable rival of the BMW X4 or Lexus NX by an impressive design and a wide range of technical upgrades.

Compared with its concept version, GLC Coupe 2017 has a significant change in size and the quite impressive front with exclusive grille and 3 star wing logo in the middle. Headlights are used modern LED technology. Both front and rear bumpers are made from alloys with powerful quadrangular exhaust, standard 19-inch alloy wheels.

GLC Coupe 2017 has 2 versions which are GLC300 and GLC43 engine. In more details, the standard version GLC300 is equipped 4-cylinder turbocharge along with 2.0-liter capacity. The more advanced version of GLC343 has twin-turbo V6 engine, 3.0 liter capacity. Two versions are both used 9-speed automatic transmission, capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in less than 5 seconds.

From the above assessment of the six best cars, you might find its strength and weakness. After considering your financial ability and favorite taste, hope one of them will be suitable for you.

Valuable Experience When Buying Used Cars

Some people choose to buy used cars as they cannot afford the price of a new car. Not everyone can anticipate all necessary notices when making such decision. One of the most important thing you should consider is the hull and the interior of the vehicle. This article will provide you the valuable experience to get a suitable used car with good quality.

From the past to present, the buyers of used still have lots of ways to find a satisfied car. Some people are looking to buy cars from their acquaintances, friend referrals while others use the online business channels and the press. There are also many people come to the professional showroom to get more options.

We have consulted the leading experts in this field before writing the article. However, please keep in mind that it only helps you to avoid committing mistakes, not become a car connoisseur.

What are things you can skip?

By using whatever selling forms, the general mentality of most sellers is to try to make their car sleek, clean and attractive to buyers. Therefore, car buyers should know what to do and not be flashy of that dazzle exterior paint.

Next, the number of kilometers shown on the speedometer will not make any sense in many cases. As a matter of fact, changing that number to attempt to hide customers’ eyes occurs regularly. If the seller wants to trick, the buyer without any experience is no longer able to recognize clearly about the actual status of the car. This circumstance often happens to the car which has been used too much, even with maximum extraction but its appearance is still eye-catching. Some examples of those vehicles are cars used in the transportation business, second-hand imported cars, rental cars, etc.

What cannot be ignored?

While the exterior paint or the shown number on the speedometers are small problems, you should pay attention to more significant characteristics with the choice of buying a used car. The particularly important things that the buyer need to consider carefully comprise of:

1. The origin of the car

This is the most important feature for a second-hand car. Some documents such as the registration certificate, the complete registration book, the insurance book (if available), etc. can furnish you the origin information of the car. These documents not only show the previous owners of that car but also involve into a series of problems in the process of the car legalization to the new owner. By owning legal documents, you can be secured in using the car the future.
Typically, buyers of used cars have to spend additional expenses such as registration tax calculated according to the value of the old car and prescribed by the tax office to transfer its legal ownership. The amount can be so much different for different types of cars.

2. The body and the hull

The entire tire can be refurbished with the eye-catching outlook. However, there are locations where even skilled workers in this field cannot notice or repair. That is the inner side of the door hook next to the driver’s seat (not in other locations). The more a car was used, the more such details worn out. It is considered the most worn-out part among all the exterior details of the car.

After that, you should take a look at the latch on the B-pillar and the fork on the door next to the driver’s seat. These parts are the living proofs for the actual status of usage which no measure could conceal.

Sensitive positions in the hull will not only indicate how the vehicle is used but also save the traces from the collision. The slots covering patching panels, the folded edges of doors or windows or ribs, or fenders are usually places containing the stagnant water and muds. Such place will be rust first.

But the more important thing is that these places are unable to restore to its original state after being smashed from crashes. You should remember that most modern cars use the chassis structure and hull in space form and are welded by the robot. These welding marks are flat, steady and cannot be replaced even if badly damaged by the collision. Therefore, strange welding marks or unusual deformation strange are also suspicious. Glass frame should be fitted, not cocky as well as go up and down smoothly.

3. The interior

By stepping inside a used car, the buyer should firstly observe its overall design. So you can realize the different deterioration or discoloration in different positions. The top surface of the dashboard is the quickest fading area as it is nearest to the windshield, in regular contact with dust and sun. But this place is usually paid enough attention during car interior sanitation. On a good car, the panel dashboard or the door trim, the roof and the center console should be solid.

The driver’s seat has been deflated mattress, leather was sagging and had signs of stretch marks.

Besides, the degradation of the driver’s seat and the steering wheel is always paralleled with the usage frequency of the vehicle. With a car being used for a long time, the cushion of the driver’s seat will be softer, even flat, not tightly stretched as the remaining seats.

For the leather seats, the lower support part and the seat back or side (where frequently contact with the driver’s arm) will be flaking or cracking surface due to the abundantly use. Depending on the original quality of the interior, that degradation takes place faster or slower. With the vehicle having the re-wrapped interior, the soft cushion is a remaining sign to recognize. The smooth steering wheel in holding positions or the peeling leather cover are also the visibly manifested characteristics.

With these cars using conventional keys, you should take notice of the keys and the power locks. The buyer should see whether the key is worn out or not, the locks loosened or not and the key can turn smoothly or not.

The above valuable experience is for people interested in buying the used car. With such advice, you can avoid the defects and frustration along with feel secured when buying a used car.

How To Do Hygiene Your Automotive Interior Properly

After using for a long time, the car interior will lose color by the impact of weather, dirt and hand sweat. All these factors took effects on automotive interior and it no longer looks glossy and luxurious as before. However, you can ensure hygiene of your car’s interior properly with a few below simple steps.

The shiny interior after cleaning

To manually cleaning and polishing your car’s interior, you have to prepare the following tools:
  • A bottles of cleaning agents for plastic
  • A bottle of protective substances for plastic
  • Two clean sponges
  • A cotton towel
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A toothbrush
  • Also, you can add lemon juice and tartaric acid or food additives used in baking powder.

Some steps to clean automotive interior properly

After preparation of above adequate tools, we perform hygiene for the interior of the car in turn. Before cleaning, please remember to park your car in a shady place to avoid direct sunlight.

1. Step 1: Vacuum-cleaning

The vacuum cleaner will help you perform hygiene easier as well as avoid dust remained after cleaning. You should use the vacuum cleaner to clear surfaces of the ceiling, floor, door corners, seat slots, etc. Then, you direct it to absorb specks of dust from the top down.

Vacuum cleaning for car’s interior

The suggested order of vacuum cleaning is from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat and then, to move to back seats. This way will help you do hygiene in logical sequence and avoid repeating works.

2. Step 2: Cleaning the roof

This step is quite simple. You only need spray and wipe the cleaning agents to a towel and wipe the roof. Being considered the less affected area, the roof is less dirty than other places so it is easier to clean.

Cleaning the roof

3. Step 3: Cleaning dashboard and steering wheel

Dashboard and steering wheel are two parts regularly affected by users so they are supposed to be the dirtiest parts. You need to clean the steering wheel, dashboard and storage drawers carefully. You may spray cleaning agents onto their surfaces. Then, you use a sponge to mop. Sprayed towel with protective substances needs to be employed for wiping over their surfaces. After waiting for about 10 minutes, you should use a clean cloth to wipe again. The next thing is to continue to cover with protective substance and mop until the realization of shiny clean surfaces.

Wiping the steering wheel

4. Step 4: Cleaning seats

To have clean seats, we should use professional cleaning agents specified to each type of material (leather or felt). This task will be much easier with a brush to remove all stains adhered on the outer layer of seats.
You should let your seats dry naturally as it helps the outer layer is more durable. You also need to check to ensure that no soap or stains remained on the surface of seats.
Most people prefer to equip their new cars with leather seats rather than felt ones. In comparison with felt seats, leather seats are more expensive luxury products. This type of seat not only brings more swanky interior space more but also more comfort to the user. However, if you do not know how to take care for the leather seats, the opposite effect of shading colors and bad smell may impact on you.

Cleaning seats

5. Step 5: Cleaning car doors

The door panels are also made of plastic and you can clean it in a similar way to the dashboard. You may use a brush along with a towel to wipe and your door panels will look fresher. Besides, door washers need to be wiped either.
Currently, people prefer to use towels which are made from natural materials and soft, capable of vacuuming, good waterproof, easily washed with water only as without the detergent. With high-quality materials and premium features, you should use such towels in terms of safety, ensuring no harm on your skin or scratch in the details of the doors in and after wiping.

6. Step 6: Cleaning the trunk

The trunk mainly contains household items so it is usually not too dirty, compared to other parts of your car. You just need to gather belongings and use a vacuum-cleaner to remove specks of dust.

A clean trunk after doing hygiene

7. Step 7: Cleaning the floor

Automotive floors car are considered the dirtiest area on your car. However, it is not difficult to clean it by using a vacuum cleaner and then spraying cleaning chemical and tidying. For floors made of felt, you should use a brush to scrub to achieve greater efficiency.

Doing hygiene for the floors

After cleaning the interior is finished, you should check carefully to ensure that there is no dirty place. If there is any area without cleaning, additional works need to be conducted. The final thing is to have the car washed in a professional service garage. Now you have a shiny new car from the inside out.
During your car usage process, your regular attention is considered the most important factor. If the leather cover cracked or plastic materials are discolored with pungent smell, it is unable to handle and make them return to their original states. You should test all chemical substances on the corner of the surface before spraying into the seats or doors. The main purpose of this chemical test is to ensure that they will not shade the colors of automotive interior surfaces.
You have to drive a car every day, so keeping the car clean is very important. The above 7 steps showed you how to do cleaning for the automotive interior in the most careful but simple way. These steps are synthesized from instructions of the manufacturer for the proper hygiene or maintenance of your cars. This task is properly not complicated as you had thought before, isn’t it? So, let’s follow the instruction and clean your car whenever you have a free time.

Some Advice To Choose A Best Garage Open Door

You are planning to build an automotive garage in serving for repair and maintenance service of automobiles for customers or your own family. However, you are unable to make up your mind in the selection of a garage open door for safety and convenience purpose. This article will help you to choose the modern, safe and convenient garage open door.

Rolling garage door is now one popular solutions for installation in US market. That type of garage open door offers greater security with diversified options, large size ranges and excellent smooth opening properties.

Factors impacting the installation of a garage open door

When designing and choosing automotive garage door, you should notice the following elements:

  • The garage size

Firstly, you should pay attention in the size of your garage as the size of garage door always depends on it. When designing, carefully measure of your garage size will help you to avoid excessive or insufficient doors. The minimum size of a garage is 3 meters x 5 meters, for a small 4-seat car, or 3 meters x 5.5 meters to 4 seats long body type. However, the garage is not only used to contain one car, but also to add a motorcycle, bicycle, or may contain 2-3 cars.

Hence, the area is often larger than the minimum specified above for more convenient use. The popular reasonable size of a garage is 5.5 m x 3.5 m.

If you intend to mount a rolling door for an existing garage door, its size should be the same with the size of the previous door.

  • Location of the garage

Secondly, the most suitable location of the garage door is supposed to be in the main entrance of the garage. If you are living in the city, the garage area is cramped. In such case, you should use the sliding door to save up area.

Design of a typical garage open door
  • Smooth operation

If the automotive garage is located near the house, operating doors will emit the sound which can affect the tranquility of your family. Thus, you need to select the type of garage doors with not too loud noisy and smooth run.

  • Cool space

Car garage requires cool space with proper moisture. To satisfy this condition, you should select doors which can get sun and wind to keep your garage dry and clean. Rolling doors with open slots will be the first choice for this position.

  • Absolute safety

In general, the installation of a garage open door is to meet the purpose of ensuring absolute safety for cars. Therefore, the garage door system must satisfy safety requirements such as automatically reversed or stopped when facing an obstacle, integrated with the system of indicator lights and warning horns when there is penetration of crooks or dangerous situations.

  • Aesthetics/Beauty

Aesthetics is also a very important criteria in the design of garage open door for an automotive garage. When designed, you need to consider the color of the garage door to create the harmonious beauty for your garage in particular and the entire house in general.

Gigantic advantages of aluminum rolling door

Currently there are many types of garage open door on the market with different advantage and disadvantages. This article will introduce the advantages of aluminum rolling door using German technology as one of best-selling products today.

Aluminum rolling doors are favored by many customers

Aluminum rolling door is preferred by the market because it creates an impression and variety in colors, you can choose the door color to match with your house style and your interests.

Therefore, many manufacturers of aluminum rolling door launched products with that characteristic at competitive prices to attract consumers.

Apart from that, aluminum rolling door with German technology has another competitive advantages as follows:
  • Operate the engine with the international standards, its safety are tested and guaranteed by the Technical Supervision Organization in Germany.
  • Use aluminum alloy for the entire system, to ensure safety, anti-corrosion properties of aluminum. This characteristic lets the rolling door withstand well with all weather.
  • Be a durable rolling door with simple, convenient operation and easy to upgrade. The outside of an aluminum rolling door is covered by a gloss paint or electrostatic paint to prevent from fading over time. In addition, the lightweight of aluminum rolling door made them be easy to move.
  • The size of aluminum rolling doors is accurate to the millimeter.
  • Have impressive exterior appearance with many colors to choose from. At the same time, aluminum rolling doors produced by modern technology also provide additional circle and a semicircle door frames except for the traditional styles of the door like square and rectangle frame. They are decorated with a variety of patterned door frames to bring the softness along with modern aesthetics.
  • To protect the safety, avoid intrusion by using the alarms system.

Currently, there are many different kinds of rolling garage doors on the market. Customers who prefer cheap products may choose the wrong door manufacturer without the high safety. Most of Chinese companies are belonged to them with very low-cost products. Cheap kinds of rolling garage doors does not have enough high security to avoiding from thieves and cracks at any time. It is recommended that customers should choose the secured rolling doors from famous companies with as Austdoor (by an Australian producer) or Smartdoor (by a German producer), etc. In addition to the frequency rate, those rolling garage door can be programmed to install the jumping code (code changes every time you open the door). Even though there are some devices that can detect broadcast frequencies, strangers cannot open your rolling doors. In addition, customers can also use simple manually lock to increase their safety.

Therefore, to be able choose the most suitable a garage open door for their own, you need to accumulate a lot of experience during the apprenticeship. We do hope this article will bring you a lot of information so you can pick up the best garage open door which is perfectly matched with your garage and your house design.

Necessary Equipment For Cars

Nowadays, drivers from all over the world no longer worry about finding necessary equipment to have convenient cars. A vast of manufacturers of cars focus on the features that make drivers feel more confident when driving, and shorten the training time such as ABS, reverse sensing system, etc.
Following are some necessary equipment you should consider using in your car.

1. Rear Camera – Reverse sensor

Mostly cars with middle sizes are used the reverse sensor in the rear. However, the rear camera shows a remarkable advantage in comparison with the reverse sensor. When encountering obstacles in the rear, the rear camera displays the image of low-ranged obstacles while the reverse sensors only transmit monotonous sound. Through the integrated central screen to rearview mirrors, the driver may increase his vision during reversing.

Installed reverse sensors

In fact, the drivers often lose their focus when reversing in tight spaces. Hence, rear camera will support them to reverse in a more convenient and easier way. For this practical reason, investing in a rear camera is considered reasonable. With the assistant of a rear camera or a reverse sensor, you properly save time and money by not constantly repainting your car tail and side.

You should install these devices at official agents or professional companies to get valuable warranty duration.

There are many drivers went wrong ways due to their stress mode or simply forgetting their direction. The further you drive in such wrong road, the more uncomfortable you may feel. It is not only more costly but sometimes creates psychological inhibition to the driver. The introduction of the navigation device for cars a large of benefits to its users. Besides, dealing with the pathfinder concern, they also help the driver be active for upcoming turns and avoiding restricted roads. This function is definitely useful when you have to move out from your habitual areas.
This is an additionally fitted device, therefore, you should use one more power source. Please stay in mind of regular updates for the mapping software on such device.

3. Cruise control system

Luxury cars are already equipped with cruise control system. However, few midsize cars get this device right after the procurement from their manufacturers. The cruise control device may not be useful if you only operate it in a crowded street. But its useful functions will be expressed when driving with high speed on highway. It assists the driver to keep control speed and save fuel from a stable operating vehicle. This system is easy to use and the driver only needs to accelerate the car to a fixed speed and install simply via a button of steering wheel. Canceling the installation is even simpler by hitting the brakes and cruise control shall be repealed.
Unfortunately, not all vehicles can be suitable for installation of this device. Users cannot purchase a cruise control from outside. If you choose to install this equipment, you must order from genuine companies.

4. Bluetooth

There are many car accidents happened because drivers could not pay enough attention to the transportation situation while using cell phones in vehicles. After Bluetooth appears, it let the driver use phone while driving and do not be distracted. If your car has not yet been installed this equipment, you may consider whether to fit it additionally. Due to its high cost and complicated installation stage, the frequency of usage for Bluetooth is not so high.
You should only select devices from an official distributor and let them installed in authorized places which has sufficient ability to interfere in the vehicle’s electrical system.

5. Cruise camera

As a matter of fact, very few cars are equipped with standard cruise camera. Most of cruise cameras in use are additionally installed by the owners to serve their need for monitoring the route. The cruise camera is currently favored by storing images when the vehicle moves, assisting the driver in the provision of evidence in collisions or accidents. In addition, the cruise camera is also useful to keep the images of beautiful scenes or unexpected events happened but the driver cannot take a picture while driving. Some types of luxury cruise cameras also include warning functions for an over-speed situation as well as recording mode when parking.
At present, there are many different types of cruise cameras from many sources in the market. Therefore, when deciding to install this equipment, you should choose the suitable type for your usage conditions and do not mount in places blocked the driver’s vision.

6. Flashlight

Today, owning a LED flashlight is not so difficult. This flashlight will take effect when you change flat tire with a spare tire or check your engine when driving at night.

You should prepare an extra battery for the flashlight for unpredictable circumstances. The compartment of the car is an ideal place to store them.

7. Medical Kits

You should have a medical kit in the car with bandages, gauze, antiseptic medicine, motion sickness medicine, scissors and tweezers. They will be very useful for you to do first aid for minor wounds of yourself and especially when traveling with young children.

8. Multipurpose tools

You should own a multipurpose tool kit with minimum functions such as knives, pliers, screwdrivers with multi-head and scissors. With these various function, you can cut, strip electric wires and tighten loose bolts or grip a blown fuse out.
Besides, you can handle any emergency situation happened to your car with a roll of tape and a little creativity. In addition, you should also add a wrench in your multipurpose tool kit.

9. Mini fire extinguisher

To prevent unexpected fire happening in or around your car, you should equipping a mini fire extinguisher. It is essential to help you reduce the damage from the fire to its lowest level for your car and yourself.

From some researches, these nine car equipment stated above are necessary for your convenient driving. After thinking carefully and appraising your current conditions, you may able to choose to install some of them in your car.